"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

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SEMI-HIATUS ( holiday !! )

"We need to unite these people out there. She is the face of this rebellion. They’ll follow her.”

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through the years: jon snow and robb stark




Hogwarts will always be there…


Hogwarts will always be there…

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I’m instinctively very suspicious and guarded, and I try to counteract it so much. I find reason allows you to be open, and my only sort of ambition in life is to try and be as open as possible. —James McAvoy 


THE HOBBIT » battle of five armies

"One day I’ll remember, remember everything that happened. The good, the bad, those who survived, and those who did not."


shout out to everybody who has school soon

i believe in you

you will be excellent this year

and if you’re not that’s ok too it doesn’t mean you’re not smart

just remember to take care of yourself because your mental health is more important than your grades ok?

group hug ily all

May I ask you something? Why are you on their side? Why fight for a doomed race who will hunt us down as soon as they realize their reign is coming to an end? I’m sorry for what happened in the camps. I truly am. But everything I did, I did for you. To unlock your power. To make you embrace it. You’ve come a long way from bending gates. I’m so proud of you. And you’re just starting to scratch the surface. Think of how much further we could go, together. I don’t want to hurt you, Erik. I never did. I want to help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the human race. You and me, son. This world could be ours.